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June 22, 2021


Cloud native technologies enable organizations to scale rapidly and deliver software faster than ever before. GitOps, operation by pull request, is a powerful developer workflow that enables organizations to unlock the promise of cloud native continuous delivery. The GitOps Summit brings together topflight talent to give you a greater understanding of GitOps, share insights into the evolving tools landscape and help you figure out the best approach for adopting GitOps.

Scaling from 2 deployments a day to 200, rapid cluster recovery, complete audit trails – these are some of the benefits shared by teams who adopt a GitOps approach. An emerging paradigm, GitOps teams also need to understand secrets management, scaling challenges and how to tackle adopting best practices. Join us at the GitOps Summit to learn more in this 1-day deep dive.

The GitOps Summit is hosted by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and will be co-located with cdCon.


  • Best Practices for Secret Management with GitOps - Kara de la Marck, CloudBees
  • Combining Progressive Delivery With GitOps And Continuous Delivery - Viktor Farcic, Codefresh
  • GitOps: Yea or Nay? - Ricardo Castro, DefinedCrowd
  • Level Unlocked: GitOps to the Edge and Infrastructure Provisioning - Katie Gamanji, The Linux Foundation
  • Keynote Panel: Why GitOps? - Tracy Ragan, DeployHub; Dan Garfield, Codefresh; Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks; Moderated by Dan Lorenc, Google
  • ReleaseOps: GitOps for the People - Lian Li, Container Solutions
  • Managing Storage via GitOps - Christian Hernandez, Red Hat
  • The SAME Project: A GitOps Approach to Reproducible Machine Learning with Flux and Kubeflow - David Aronchick, Azure, Microsoft
  • Progressive Delivery at Intuit, the Next Chapter in a GitOps Journey. - Henrik Blixt & Jesse Suen, Intuit
  • Self Healing GitOps: Continuous, Secure GitOps using Flux, Helm and OPA - Om Moolchandani, Accurics
  • Policy-driven Operations: Put the Ops in GitOps - Rosalind Benoit, Themist 4:45pm EDT
  • GitOps Summit Happy Hour Sponsored by CNCF


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