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Linux Foundation Training & Certification provides free online-learning courses on a range of open source topics from Linux to blockchain, networking to cloud, and everything in between.

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Learning path

  1. Inclusive Speaker Orientation (LFC101)
  2. Inclusive Open Source Community Orientation (LFC102)
  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Software Development (LFD102)
  4. Secure Software Development: Requirements, Design, and Reuse (LFD104x)
  5. Secure Software Development: Implementation (LFD105x)
  6. Secure Software Development: Verification and More Specialized Topics (LFD106x)
  7. Open Source Licensing Basics for Software Developers (LFC191)
  8. Generating a Software Bill of Materials (LFC192)
  9. Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management (LFC110)
  10. Open Source Management & Strategy
  11. Introduction to GitOps (LFS169)

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