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(Control-plane) testing at scale with Cluster API and Kubemark

Kubemark is a performance testing tool which allows users to run experiments on simulated clusters, by creating “hollow” Kubernetes nodes (that run as pods in an external management cluster). What this means is that the nodes do not actually run containers or attach storage, but they do behave like they did, with updates to etcd and all the trimmings. At the same time, hollow nodes are extremelly light (<30 MiB).

The primary use case of Kubemark is scalability testing, as simulated clusters can be much bigger than the real ones. The objective is to expose problems with the master components (API server, controller manager or scheduler) that appear only on bigger clusters (e.g. small memory leaks).

Tuesday, March 28 • 3:40pm - 4:00pm CEST

Google Meet ID: https://meet.google.com/bzf-quiv-kaz