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diff.blog is a platform that helps you discover and follow amazing developer blogs. Whether your interests are in Python, Rust, AI, Distributed Systems or XYZ diff.blog has got amazing blogs for you to follow!

How is it different from Medium?

Unlike Medium does not host any blogs, merely acts as a platform that makes it easier to discover and subscribe to blogs. So you own your own blog and content. You can host your blog in a Wordpress site, GitHub pages, Ghost, or wherever you want. This means even if diff.blog shut downs one day it won’t affect your blog at all.

Why diff.blog?

There are a lot of amazing developer blogs in the Internet. But very few of them gets visibility. Because of this visibility issue a lot of the developers blogs are shutting down or is moving to Medium in search of views. Developers should be able to own their blog without having to compromise on the views. Blogs are probably the last remaining bits of Internet, a network that was supposed to be decentralized and not owned by a few companies. diff.blog’s mission is to bring the audience back to the blogs and make blogs popular again.

How does it work?

The underlying engine of diff.blog is similar to an RSS reader. All most all the blogs have RSS feed. RSS feeds makes it really easy to keep updated with the posts of a blog. No blockchain. Nothing fancy. It’s just a file. You can read more about RSS feeds at https://www.youneedfeeds.com/.