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My Linux desktop setup on Fedora Sericea.


  • Window manager: Sway via baseOS

    Only use wayland applications; xwayland apps are not properly scaled swaywm/sway#2966, drag and drop does not work swaywm/sway#6460 and have a glitched behaviour uppon minimized on system tray swaywm/sway#6905.

  • Browser
    • Primary: Firefox via Flatpak
    • Secondary: Chrome via Flatpak

      With flags --ozone-platform-hint=wayland and --enable-pixel-canvas-recording=enabled.

  • Terminal: WezTerm via Flatpak

    Amazing terminal with wayland, grabbable scrollbar and ligature support.

    Would prefer Foot but having a grabbable scrollbar is a must for now. One workaround would be to setup fast scroll (i.e.: $mod + scroll wheel) but I have not been able to configure it correctly (if anyone has please let me know ). Also Foot does not support ligatures dnkl/foot#57.

  • IDE:
  • File manager: Nautilus via rpm-ostree with NautilusPreviewer (GNOME Sushi) via Flatpak (org.gnome.NautilusPreviewer)

    Would prefer Thunar or PCMan FM but miss the preview feature.

  • Text editor: Gnome Text Editor via Flatpak

  • PDF reader: Evince (GNOME Document Viewer) via Flatpak

  • Image viewer: imv via baseOS

  • Basic photo editing: Drawing via Flatpak

  • Video player: mpv via Flatpak using the flathub repo

  • Torrent client: Transmission via Flatpak

  • File sync
    • Dropbox via Flatpak
    • Gdrive with rclone via rpm-ostree
  • Office suite: LibreOffice via Flatpak

  • Display setup: wdisplays via rpm-ostree


  • Shell: bash via baseOS
  • Terminal multiplexer: tmux in remote systems
  • Configuration management: Ansible via toolbx
  • Text editor: neovim via Flatpak
  • Prompt: Starship via local install
  • Containers: Podman and Toolbx via base OS, Docker in rootless mode via local install
  • Virtualization: kcli via toolbx
  • Kubernetes: Kind and kube-burner via local install
  • Application management: rpm-ostree and Flatpak via baseOS
  • Keyboard input: wtype via rpm-ostree


  • For ovn-kubernetes:
     $ sudo modprobe openvswitch
  • For KubeVirt:
    • Create the kind cluster as root
    • The following command will allow the installation of KubeVirt in a rootless cluster but then the VMs won’t be created because rootless docker/podman are unable to create pods in kind with ephemeral storage requests kubernetes-sigs/kind#3359:
       $ sudo chown $USER /dev/kvm
  • For web-burner:
     $ sudo sysctl -w kernel.keys.maxkeys=5000
  • Create a kind cluster using rootless podman as provider without the need of setting systemd property Delegate=yes (see https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/docs/user/rootless/):
     KIND_EXPERIMENTAL_PROVIDER=podman systemd-run --scope --user ~/go/bin/kind create cluster


If you have managed to get working any of the following please let me know:

  • Docker/Podman in rootless mode
  • Emacs Flatpak
  • Firefox
    • Slack huddles are not available webcompat/web-bugs#82623
    • Prime Video does not work (neither Chrome nor Firefox) https://www.primevideo.com/region/na/help?nodeId=GU85HKX66NVFNQ9Y
  • Nautilus
  • Starship
  • Sway
    • Drag & Drop from XWayland apps to Wayland ones: it only works occasionally [swaywm/sway#6460](https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/6460)
    • Differentiate between *app_ids* that start the same [swaywm/sway#7838](https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/7838)
    • Fast scroll using $mod + ScrollWheel. Tried with:
       bindsym --whole-window $mod+button4 exec "wtype -M shift -k Prior"
       bindsym --whole-window $mod+button5 exec "wtype -M shift -k Next"
      • Problem 1: Only works the first wheel turn, then need to relase and press again $mod
      • Problem 2: Different apps use different combinations, i.e.: just ScrollWheel or Shift+ScrollWheel
    • Persistent workspaces swaywm/sway#7631
    • Share a specific window on Google Meet swaywm/sway#3282
    • XWayland windows gets tiled uppong being reopened from system tray [swaywm/sway#6905](https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/6905)
  • Toolbx
  • Vim Flatpak
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Zathura


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