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Usually priced at USD $650 it’s available for free until April 30, 2021.

Steps required:

  1. Create account on the GitLab Learn platform 1.1 purple login button 1.2 purple signup button
  2. Add the associate test pathway to the basket
  3. In Payment step apply discount code E6B8A234458AE3D795

Once signed up you have one year time for completion.

More info here.

Course contents

Section 1 - Introduction to GitLab

  • GitLab Overview
  • GitLab Comparison
  • GitLab Components and Navigation
  • Demos and Hands On Excercises

Section 2 - Self Study using GIT and GitLab

  • Git Basics
  • Code Creation in GitLab
  • GitLabs CI/CD features
  • GitLabs Package and Release Functions
  • GitLab Security Scanning

Section 3 - Certification Assesments

  • Knowledge Exam
  • Hands On Exam